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We Produce World-Class Virtual
Spaces and Experiences

No physical space required.

We build the exact representation down to the smallest detail, working from the architect’s plans and designs. 

We produce unique and amazing experiences limited only by our combined imagination and creativity.

Virtual Showrooms

Handcrafted for you

We help showcase your products in any setting and with the highest quality.

You’re not limited by physical constraints.

Your virtual showrooms can be whatever you can imagine.

Show your products in full 360 ̊  3D.  Amaze your customers with augmented reality.

Virtual Real Estate

See the Future

We help developers, investors, sales agents, designers and their customers to see the future with amazing, immersive, interactive experiences.

Show building elevations and amenities, community services, and units in full 360 ̊  3D with optional VR free walk.

Enable customers to select building finishes, fixtures, and furnishings for themselves.

This is the most powerful sales tool ever for architects, designers, real estate developers, lessors, sales agents and others with involvement in real estate.

Virtual Art Galleries

Handcrafted for you

We can showcase your artwork in any setting and with the highest quality.

Perfect in every high-resolution detail.

Amazing, immersive, interactive, 360° 3D spaces.


You’re not limited by physical constraints.


Meet your customers in the virtual gallery, amaze them with augmented reality.


Optionally, use NFTs and accept cryptocurrencies.

We Produce Beautiful 3D Models

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  • Rotate with the left mouse button.
  • Zoom with the scroll button.
  • Adjust camera position with the right mouse button.
  • Double-click to enter the fullscreen mode.
  • On mobile devices swipe to rotate.
  • On mobile devices pinch two fingers together or apart to adjust zoom.
  • On mobile devices 3 finger horizontal swipe performs panning.

Our 3D representations of your products are perfect on any platform. Your customers will be awestruck.

We Help You to Show Perfection

Excite your customers by showing details, finishes, and textures at the highest resolution
with the best configuration.

Fully Inform Your Customers

Customers can interact with your displays.

Meet Customers Live in the Virtual Experiences

Invite and meet Live with your customers to show, share, train, educate, connect and trade.

Provide Immersive Live Showings

Scheduled appointments or Live Showings

Send invitations directly from the platform

Pre-register customers


Open to Public


Boost Sales with VR & AR

Among other exciting opportunities, VR & AR enable your customer to see how your products would look in their environment.

Benefit from Our Unique
Virtual Marketing and Sales Platform

Manage your virtual experiences.


Features include:

Sales and marketing tools

Matchmaking customers with sales staff

Dashboards for administrator/s

Dashboards for each sales person

Databases – customers, inventory/product, etc

Messaging, scheduling, reminders, alerts

Notifications about customer activity

Integration with your existing CRM

Embedding the Virtual Experience in your website and social media

Entertain your customers

Understand Your Business Like Never Before

Unique Analytics

Dashboards for managers and sales staff. Understand your customers, sales staff and transactions

Understand customer preferences; manage tasks, time spent in the virtual space, follow-ups, and customer relationships

Measure and manage performance of sales staff individually and collectively

Provides two-way integration and data exchange with your own CRM

Understand daily, weekly and monthly activity by visitors

Our Platform Has Amazing, Immersive, and Interactive Features

An immersive, interactive environment where the customer can learn, interact and select

A pristine, relaxed, space for showing and selling

Extensive opportunities for communication and collaboration

Extensive analytics to help you understand and measure your customers' interests

Instant access to social media so sales staff can easily promote your business

Transform Your Business

1CD Matchmaker will automatically connect your customers with the correct sales person

Have your showroom or real estate open 24x 7 x 365 and accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

Satisfy the 75% of B2B decisionmakers who say they prefer self-serve, online, and remote options for business, along with video conferencing

Have the most beautiful, spacious, pristine, fully decorated virtual space

Eliminate the cost and time of traveling to fixed venues

Have your sales staff appear conveniently LIVE in the virtual space

Have incredible control over access and actions by visitors

Have a unique, unhurried, uninterrupted platform for sales

Eradicate the costs, complexity, limitations, headaches of maintaining physical spaces

Boost customers' engagement and interaction

Have an incredible, new, low-cost platform for training sales staff

Have extensive customers and sales data and analytics

Benefits for
Sales Professionals and Customers

Sales staff can keep their virtual space open 24x7x365

Sales staff can pre-register, invite and meet LIVE with their customers

Sales staff are matched with pre-registered & new customers

Sales staff may enter the virtual space simultaneously with their customer

Sales staff can be assigned geographic territories and/or categories

Customers can enter, walk around, obtain information and express interest

Customers can invite and meet LIVE with their associates, designers, architects and sales personnel

Customers can enter with VR devices and experience virtual reality

Customers can use augmented reality

Customers receive invitation to enter the virtual space

Welcome to

Mini Verse City

We take care of design, production, decoration and hosting

Let us handcraft one of the world's most advanced virtual spaces especially for you; a single space or a Mini Verse City in the metaverse depending on your requirements

You can start marketing and selling instantly, as soon as we deliver your virtual masterpiece

The First Virtual Market Center in the Metaverse