Virtual Art Galleries
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We Produce
the World’s
Most Advanced Virtual Art Galleries

Amazing, immersive, interactive, 360° 3D spaces

Custom built to your specifications

An exact replica of a physical gallery or an entirely imagined design

Perfect in every high-resolution detail

Immersive and Interactive 360° 3D Experiences

Prestige Arts and Art Trends Gallery

Advanced Virtual Art Galleries

Our one-of-a-kind creative team produces the world’s most advanced virtual art galleries
An exact replica of a physical gallery or an entirely imagined design

We produce beautiful custom galleries for:

A single artist

A group of artists

Art museums

Art wholesalers / distributors (B2B)

Art galleries / retailers (D2C)

Art Gallery Type A

Virtual Galleries Are Always Perfect

Always instantly available from
anyplace in the world,

Saves time and money:
No need for physical galleries
or travel

Always a private showing. Quiet,
unhurried, no one to interrupt
your pitch

Artists or sales representatives are always available
to meet LIVE with customers, instantly

or by appointment

Find New Leads

New customers are automatically matched with a sales representative or artist who can best assist them

Visitors receive a thank you note when they leave the virtual art gallery

The designated salesperson or artist is alerted about the customer’s arrival, activities, interests, and departure

Art Gallery Type B

Art Gallery Type C

A Space to Show and Sell

Engage your customers with amazing
interactive options

Interact and inform

Show and share with customers and designers, etc on demand

Host “Meet the Artist” events LIVE in the gallery

Learn about your customers' interests

Communication is Everything

Simple, extensive, communication options within the virtual gallery

Chat and meet LIVE initiated by customers or artists / sales representatives

1-to-1 or group showing

Managers / Artists can meet LIVE, show, share and educate sales representatives and agents

Enable your sales personnel to promote your art

Unique Analytics

Dashboards for managers and sales/artists

Learn more about your customers, sales personnel/artists and their activities

Understand customer preferences; manage tasks, follow-ups and customer relationships

Measure and manage performance of sales staff individually and collectively

Provides two-way integration and data exchange with your own CRM

Benefits for
Sales Representatives and Customers

Sales personnel/artists can pre-register, invite and meet LIVE with their customers

Sales/artists are matched with pre-registered customers

Sales/artists may enter the virtual gallery simultaneously with their customer

Sales/artists can keep their virtual gallery open 24x7x365

Sales/artists receive notification when customer has entered the virtual gallery

Customers can invite, meet and walk around LIVE with their associates, designers, and sales staff / artists

Customers can enter with VR devices and experience virtual reality

Customers can use augmented reality

Customers receive invitation to enter the virtual gallery

Customers can enter, walk around, obtain information and express interest

Welcome to

Mini Verse City

We take care of the entire production from A-to-Z

Let us handcraft the world's most advanced virtual art gallery for you; a single space or a Mini Verse City depending on your requirements

You can start marketing instantly as soon as we deliver your virtual masterpiece

The First Virtual Market Center in the Metaverse